Dry process for GRP pipes

The treatment of GRP-pipes like manufacturing of couplings is executed world wide in a wet process. In contradiction to that our dry technology has enormous advantages (see animation).
The advantages are based on a special suction and filter system. All saw and milling particles are collected and led to central vessel. The particles can be reused par example as aggregates for building industry.

Disadvantage Wet ProcessAdvantage Dry Process
Conclusion: Reduction of operational costs by minimum 20%
Burdensome working conditions like dust, sludge and water Clean working conditions
Sludge need to be guided into reservoirs Concentrated suction of all saw and milling particles at the location of generation
Machinery is muddy, wet and ask for extensive maintenance and cleaning effort Machinery always clean no negative influence on moving parts
Laboriously sludge handling and taking care on time for drying Collection of dust particles automatically in capable vessels
Sludge to be taken to landfill Simple utilization of the particles for example aggregates 




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