Dry Treatment of GRP – Essence of Competence and Innovation

Some weeks ago we have introduced the technology for dry treatment of GRP material world wide. That development has been driven by three major reasons: First our long term practical experience in the field of filament winding technology for industrial application. On that basis we have founded the company GRP Technique & Service in the year 2004. The second reason was our convincement to solve well-known problems by intelligent and practicable solutions. Third we have relied on support of new technical solutions by EU – programs as well as the Free State of Saxony.
As a conclusion of those reasons we have developed an unique solution which is already accepted and deeply recognized by professionals.
It pays off that the dry treatment of GRP is not only an island solution but it is accompanied by our experience with diamond plated tools and equipment for filament winding technology. We have further strengthen our reputation as specialist for wound pipes based on numerous investment and reconstruction projects world wide.
Our competence in technology and management, in raw material planning and purchase is recognized on international basis like:

  • evaluation of pipe systems after installation
  • pipe cleaning technology and rehabilitation
  • engineering manufacturing and supply of special machines for pipe winding technology
  • supply of diamond coated tools for GRP treatment
  • design and supply of suction equipment for GRP treatment dust

For the process of planning, designing and realisation there numerous specialist of professional companies available in addition to the own performance of GRP Technique & Service. Since there are very often no standard solutions available the way of working closely with our clients has proven several times. As an experience the cooperation with GRP Technique & Service in a early project stage helps to receive a high manufacturing efficiency by meeting the necessary product standards for quality.
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