Diamond Plated Tools

One of the most important conditions for an efficient and reliable manufacturing process are reliable, valuable tools.

They are especially designed and made for the respective application. That applies for wood, glass, steel, plastics and composites.
Glass fibre enforced plastics with sand filler are the biggest challenge for tools. They need to be diamond coated and have to meet very narrow tolerances by guarantee for long life time.
Our strength is that we go for innovative solutions:

  • Analysis of the manufacturing process
  • Proposals for tool design and quality
  • Manufacturing of the steel blanks
  • Electro coating with the correct imbedded grit
  • Delivery of high performance tools according given specifications
  • Permanent service and consulting during manufacturing process
  • Processing and coating of used and worn out tools

Beside standard tools like saw blades we offer all process related special types.
Prices are depending on design and quantity.
Please ask for quotation.

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